Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top Chef - Beginners

I'm not much of a cook. As I've mentioned, I love cooking shows. They make it look easy on tv, but it just doesn't work out when I'm in the kitchen. Therefore, either I stick to the basics - spaghetti sauce from the jar, tacos, grilled chicken, something from the freezer section or sloppy joes (did I mention I was a cafeteria lady?) or Kevin's in charge of dinner.

Over the summer, Kevin did most of the cooking out on the grill. I would pretend to help by putting a bag of frozen peas in the microwave, but, really, it was all Kevin. Last week, he smoked ribs for our entire small group. If I had to cook for a group, I panic - or I get take out. Now, that the weather is turning cold, it's time for me to start cooking again. Since, dinnertime is my son's grouchiest/neediest time of the day, I decided that the crock pot might be the way to go.

Today, my new slow cooker cookbook arrived in our mailbox. It's a little daunting going through the recipes, but I determined to find a few that I won't mess up. So, wish me luck. Actually, wish Kevin luck. He's the one who's going to have to eat my experiments.

If you're interested in crockpot recipes, a blogger made something in the crockpot everyday last year and blogged about it.

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