Monday, August 9, 2010

Praying for Annabelle

I'm reposting this from Jamie's Blog:

So I was up half the night prayer for a dear fellow blogger Krista Phillips and her new baby girl Annabelle who is struggling with recovering from heart surgery in these first few weeks of life. The recovery is physical ups and downs and emotional ups and downs. Having my child in the NICU the first week of her life was hard enough, but Krista's little sweetheart is in need of even more prayer and her mommy and daddy in need of support and encouragement.

IT'S MY MISSION TODAY - to get as many of you praying and reposting the request on your blogs! Let's place this precious little baby girl before the feet of the GOD who parted the Red Sea!

Here's what you do

1. Check out Krista's blog and familiarize yourself with her dear little Annabelle
2. Cut and paste this entire blog entry and post on YOUR blog
3. Post a comment on my blog with YOUR blog address and where you're blogging the prayer request and I'll be sure to pass it on to Krista
4. Post on Krista's blog a prayer (keep it relatively short) that she read ACTUAL words of prayer being lifted for Annabelle
5. Continue to pray ... indefinitely :)

Are you with me??


  1. Hi Julie,

    It's my daughter's birthday today and I thought it fitting to pray for another mother and her daughter. I've added a small prayer for Annabelle on my blog (

    What a great way to use the internet!