Friday, May 20, 2011


Comparison is the thief of Joy. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Do you compare your writing to the work of other writers? Is it sucking the joy out of your writing?


  1. God has really been teaching me about this one. I try hard not to. That's part of writing that I enjoy most, having my unique voice come out. I find myself comparing points of the journey more than writing.

    But I'm learning to surrender this again and again.
    ~ Wendy

  2. I can't afford to go there, Julie. God made us unique, and we need to work with what we have and be true to who WE are.

    Blessings to you! :-)

  3. I'm with Wendy: I sometimes compare where I am on my path to publication with where other blogger/writers are. But it actually motivates me in my writing to read about others getting published because it reminds me of my goal.

    But I don't really compare my writing to that of others, although I do check out books to see how they are written (POV, etc.)

    Hope you're not feeling discouraged! :)

  4. I sometimes compare the road, but not the writing, although sometimes I read a really great book and think, "Wow,I wish I could describe like that!"

    Mostly I try to simply be me and let God do His thing! Have a great weekend!

  5. Yes and sometimes. Yes I'm a compare-bot. Only when I let the comparisons turn into jealousy does it suck out the joy.

  6. I try really hard not to, but alas and wo is me, yes. Yes, sometimes I do.

  7. I compare myself - more to challenge myself to be willing to take critiques so I can bring my writing to the level I want it to be at and feel competitive in the market.
    However, I try not to compare myself in a way that says, "sheesh - my writing stinks". Although when I read Colleen Coble, it's hard not to think that! :)

  8. Usually when I compare, I feel like the better writing gives me something to work toward:)