Thursday, July 21, 2011

Room to Move

Imagine your ideal life. The one you've longed for. The one that fills your dreams.

God's will for your life is better.

By the world's standards it may not look better. It may not involve money, fame, or security, but it does guarantee a life filled with God's blessings, and that's something beyond our wildest dreams.

Are we so wrapped up in our own goals and visions for our lives that we're not giving God room to move us toward His perfect plan?


  1. Great reminder to keep things in perspective, Julie. Thank you :-)

  2. This is true! We had a plan to sell our townhouse and buy a bigger house - but neither one of those things is working out. Now we're realizing that my husband doesn't feel like he wants to do what he does forever professionally, so it's looking like a great time for a change.

    I think God was trying to tell us something all along and we're just now seeing what it was.

  3. I find when I'm busy making plans, God's directing my steps elsewhere. It's easier to spend time with Him, and let Him fill me in, then walk it out together.

    Deep questions. :)

  4. Sometimes we forget if we are following our plan or God's. We must stop, pray and listen before acting. Thanks for this reminder today!