Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don't Write...

Don't write to earn anyone's approval.

Write to understand others better.

Don't write to quit a lousy job.

Write to create something meaningful.

Don’t write to win an award.

Write to thank God for giving you the gift.

Don't write to escape an unsatisfying life.

Write to learn something about yourself.

Don't write because you need a hobby.

Write because God uses stories.

Tell me why you write.


  1. Hard question, Julie.

    I think I started writing 'to escape an unsatisfying life'. Never really thought about getting published back then.

    Now, I think I write to share good stories, and healing messages with others. Writing just makes me happy!

  2. Love this. I may have started for reasons other than the ones that keep me going now. This is a profound list.

  3. Well said Julie! I write because stories keep popping into my head and I just don't know what else to do with them! :)

  4. Oh, boy, Julie, why do I write?

    I'm rolling my eyes wondering why, but knowing it's because some internal force is pushing me to do it and right now I'm butting heads with it as I HATE editing.

    I'm a bit envious of you getting to do NANO next week. I had hoped to, but my edits aren't done so I can't.

  5. I write because I believe God wants to me to - not sure what He's got up His sleeve, but He'll roll it back when it's time for me to see. :)

  6. Very eloquent, Julie. I write because God gave me the desire to, ever since childhood. However, it took me years to realize that He was leading me to this writing life. But now, I'm so glad that I'm here!

  7. Wow, I need to print this and hang it in front of my desk. This was powerful, Julie. Thank you.

  8. Oh this is wonderful! I am guilty of a few so you are making me relook at some things.

  9. Thanks, guys. It's good to know I'm not the only writer who struggles with these things.

  10. Beautiful! I think my favorite part is "God uses stories." Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way and write from the heart.

  11. I love this! I think I struggle with 'don't write to escape an unsatisfying life' the most. Not that my life is unsatisfying, but because its difficult, and sometimes I need an escape from the difficulties of the present and writing is more productive than just reading! :)

    I write because I have stories to tell that I know God wants me to tell. I write because its a release of emotions and thoughts that otherwise would stay bottled up inside doing nothing and helping no one.