Sunday, February 17, 2013


I've been tagged by two lovely ladies for two different challenges. 

Regina Thomas is a writer and a friend of mine who just had a baby girl. Congrats, Regina!

Debora Dennis is a great romance writer and my 1,000-words-per-day buddy. She helps keep me motivated.

Regina's challenge was the 77, 7 and 7 challenge. I had to go to page 77 of my work-in-progress, go to the 7th line, and post 7 lines.

She stopped and smiled at him, hoping to make up for being distracted.
His jaw clenched as he swallowed. 
Why was she so bad at this? Reed was a good guy with an education and a job, and he didn’t live in his parents’ basement. She wasn’t twenty-two anymore. She couldn’t afford to be so picky.
But where were those dang butterflies? Right now she’d settle for a lone ladybug flitting around in there.

Debora's challenge was to share seven little known facts about myself. 

1. When I was a kid, I had a shetland pony named Nicki. 
2. I haven't had coffee or soda since November.
3. I miss them both. 
4. I usually scrape the icing off the top of cupcakes. It's too sweet.
5. I'm a terrible singer.
6. I love chick flicks, and I hate violent movies.
7. I was a tomboy growing up in the country, but now I'm pretty girly. 

Tell me a little-known fact about you. 


  1. Loved it! Great lines.

    I scrape most of the icing of cupcakes too and I never eat the corner piece that so many covet. Too much. :)

    In your honor, I'm going to have an extra cup of joe this morning!

  2. My favorite pet I ever owned was an iguana named Cocoa. I had her from the time she was about 6 inches long, until she out grew anything I could do for her. We donated her to a nature preserve when she was almost as long as I am tall.

  3. How cool that you had a shetland pony! I think every young girl at my school wanted a shetland pony!

    1. My dad farmed and ranched. I'm guessing someone was selling it at the cattle auction. :)

  4. I think it's so cool that had a pony! I can't imagine giving up coffee and I'm right there with you on #6!