Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Minimalism at Work

While I don't consider myself a true minimalist (I'm pretty sure my kids' collection of toys could confirm that), I value a lot of the ideas that minimalism can teach us. I've found minimalism especially helpful when applied to the way I work. 

1. An uncluttered workspace, provides space for a clearer mind. This doesn't mean your desk has to be sterile. When you remove the clutter, only the most treasured pieces are left behind. That photo of your family or the quote that inspires and encourages you are no longer buried behind piles of junk.  

2. Minimalism helps us to focus on quality, not quantity. Instead of doing a lot of things that are just good enough, wouldn't we all rather do a few things well? Some days it seems impossible to get everything on my list accomplished. Minimalism teaches us to say no to the things that aren't essential and pare down our to-dos to those things that really matter.  

3. It rejects the idea that we need to "keep up" with anyone else and gives us the proper perspective to focus on where we are now and where we can improve. As an author, it can be tough not to compare my own work to someone else's awards, sales numbers, or contracts. But I'm learning that energy is better spent on honing my craft. When we don't feel like we're competing with everyone in our field, it gives us the luxury of celebrating the successes of others. 

4. Minimalism strips away pretense. Your work is no longer about what everyone else thinks but about the actual work itself, which is freeing and inspiring. 

5. Relationships trump everything else. When it comes down to it, the reason minimalists strive to have less is so that they can pour more into the relationships in their lives. This can help build positive working relationships and can also help you strike a healthier work/family balance.  

Here are a few of the thinkers and teachers on minimalism that I enjoy:

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