Thursday, December 8, 2016

10 Christmas Gifts for a Reader's Soul by Julie Jarnagin

Merry Christmas, Readers!

I love this time of year - the decorations, the Christmas movies, and the excitement on my kids' faces. But I don't love the mall or the crowds. I'd rather spend my time at home with a book.

So I've done most of my shopping this year online. In my searching, I've found some fun, unique gifts for any book lover!

1. Tea or Coffee - Who doesn't love to curl up with a good book and a warm drink! This tea comes complete with literary quotes.

2. Personal Library Kit - Have you ever been excited to loan out a book you loved, never to have it returned? This personal library kit will be a favorite of any avid hardback or paperback reader.

3. Cozy Socks - Socks are perfect for a evening reading by the fireplace. These fun socks even have a Pride and Prejudice quote and a Jane Austen inspired design.

4. A Bag for Carrying (what else?!) Books - Readers need something for lugging around all those books. Why not make it a bag with a fun saying!

5. A Warm Blanket - A soft throw is perfect for keeping your favorite reader warm while curled up with a book.

6. A Reading Journal - Perfect for keeping track of all the books they've read.

7. Bookends - There are so many to choose from - beautiful, quirky, fun...

8. A Kindle Cover - What better way for a reader to show off his or her personality than with a unique ereader cover!

9. A Kindle or ereader - Even for those who love a paperback book in their hand, an ereader is handy to keep in the car or bag.

10. Books...of course - A book lover never has enough. Or consider giving them a gift card to spend on their wishlist.

My New Release!

Engaged by Friday by USA Today bestselling author Julie Jarnagin

Can a fake engagement lead to lasting love?
After her boyfriend dumps her instead of proposing, Mary Beth wants nothing to do with her ten-year high school reunion. Especially because if she shows up without a date, she’ll lose a bet with her high school nemesis. Christian is too busy with his camping equipment startup to date—until his sister sets him up online. The chance connection could help his business—if he agrees to Mary Beth’s dramatic request that he pretend to be her fiancĂ©. But when make-believe becomes something more, they must decide if this new love can last… 


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