Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live and Learn

I'm deciding whether to attend a writing seminar that will be held near my home. Not only do I look at the cost, but I also take into account time away from my family. As writers, I think continuing to learn about the craft is essential, but if we accepted every opportunity, we would never have any time for actually writing.

Writers, how do you decide what is worth your time and money in terms of education? Where do you get most of your education - blogs, books, memberships, conferences, etc.?


  1. I'm not an author, but a lettering artist. I've attended 2 conferences and 2 conventions, and have taken numerous specialty classes. This year, the lettering conference is in my backyard. I'm not attending. With the down turn in economy, business has down turned. No business = no money to spend on a conference. Though classes are valuable, best learning experience comes from your own doing.

  2. I went to the BEA a few years back and I'd say it was well worth it. The classes were wonderful and it was quite an experience to hang out with other writers.

  3. So far I've felt I got the most out of attending conferences and reading high-quality books on craft. And I actually had an editor ask to see my manuscript after a critique at a conference, so maybe that will turn into something. Either way, I learned a lot from the speakers, and it was great getting to know other people who share the same goals.