Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm thinking about getting back into the routine of journaling. It's something I've done off and on throughout my life. I think I'm in a season when it could really benefit me. Here are a few reasons I'm thinking I should try to journal daily again.

1. It helps me focus on reflection after reading my Bible. I've always gotten more out of my quiet times when it includes journaling.

2. Journaling jump starts my creativity. If I can get out some of the thoughts swimming around in my head, I'm usually more productive when I'm working on a novel.

3. Journal entries show me how God's hand has been working in my life. Reading over old journal entries can be an amazing way to see just how powerful prayer is.

4. I like to buy new journals. I'm kidding. Sort of. Is there anything better than a beautiful journal?

Does anyone here journal regularly? Any tips for me?


  1. I keep two journals. One is for journaling about my writing life. The other one is for travel. I have refered back to both of them from time to time. It's a great thing to do.
    Blessings! and happy journaling.

  2. I love journaling. I've written so many notes to God that way.

    Enjoyed meeting you last weekend!
    ~ Wendy

  3. I do have a journal, but I haven't been very good about writing in it. I think it's such a wonderful thing, though, because there're so many things you can write in a journal that you cannot replicate on your blog. :)

  4. I don't journal, but I keep a small notebook in my purse. When ideas occur to me or descriptions strike, I record them so I won't forget them. So I guess it's a kind of idea journal.

  5. I keep two journals too! I have always journaled and love doing it. I have this huge affection for the journal section in Ross's:)

  6. Love journaling! Do it *almost* every day. Totally frees the thoughts for me. And yes, buying a journal is oh-so-fun.

  7. I'm really bad about journaling. I usually only write in one when I'm in a horrific mood. That's why if you ever read any of them, you would think I'm a mean, spiteful, and deranged person!

  8. I used to journal all the time. Now I just write books! LOL. But maybe I should get back into it. One of the most meaningful journals I kept was a prayer journal. Going back over those prayers and seeing how God answered them is truly amazing. I also wrote two journals for my daughter over the years between the time she was about two until she turned thirteen. I gave them to her last year and she had a blast reading them!! She's almost twenty-one now. Sigh.

  9. I'm AWFUL at keeping up a journal, but like you, I ADORE purchasing them! There's something so lovely about connecting pen to paper, or just buying them because they look cool. I have so, so many....