Tuesday, January 11, 2011

101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers - Part 2

You can find Part 1 (1-50) of 101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers here. Happy blogging!

51. Avoiding burnout
52. Tools every writer needs
53. Breaking bad writing habits
54. Creating positive writing habits
55. How to enjoy writing time more
56. How writing affects other areas of your life
57. Finding a Mentor
58. Developing a thick skin
59. Hiring a freelance editor
60. Attitude after rejection
61. Book trailers
62. Blog design
63. Web design
64. Conferences for writers
65. One writing rule you break
66. Using social media effectively
67. Review a book outside your normal genre
68. Etiquette with editors and agents
69. How to build confidence as a writer
70. Writing an ugly first draft vs. editing as you write
71. Writing a great first line
72. Developing a compelling hook
73. Inspiration boards or collages
74. Music or silence while writing
75. Choosing a setting
76. Infusing sensory details into writing
77. Desk exercises and stretches
78. Tips for fostering a love of books in our children
79. Business card / bookmark design
80. Post a survey
81. Writing through difficult / stressful situations
82. Why you write in your category or genre
83. How your faith or beliefs have impacted your writing
84. How your writing has impacted your faith or beliefs
85. The most difficult scene or piece you've ever written
86. A turning point in your writing career
87. Dealing with people who are unsupportive
88. Share a short story
89. Respond to a blog post by a well-known blogger
90. Adding depth to your writing
91. The right time to begin a new project
92. Building a platform
93. Create a funny video using Xtranormal
94. Interview a character
95. Breaking out of your comfort zone
96. Book covers
97. Finding life / writing balance
98. Choosing a title
99. Writing Contests
100. Favorite children's book
101. How writing has changed your life


  1. Oh my goodness! LOL How did you think all those up??? :-)

    Hey, when is your book coming out?

  2. Jessica - I have no idea? :) Canyon Walls comes out in April!

  3. I LOVE both lists! I added tehm to my favorites. I sort of want to try to write a post about each one! Anytime I do, I'll for sure link to these two posts. Thanks Julie! This is awesome!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love you for this. Are you really not going to mind if I start posting on these subjects? Thank you so much for the list! Keep that brain cranking!

  5. Thanks, C.J.
    Katie - That would be awesome. I can't wait to read them.
    T. Anne - I absolutely do not mind. Blog away!

  6. Great list - I'll keep this one handy. Thanks for the brainstorming!

  7. Thanks for the great lists, Julie.

  8. Very good suggestions. I can see a copuole of them I can/need to start writing on now. Thanks. wb

  9. Just read my comment. A new post idea: "How to check your own spelling."

  10. Thanks for stopping by Keli & Jan. Warren - It happens to me all the time. I need a "no commenting before coffee" rule.

  11. Thank you for these blog post ideas! They're very, very helpful!

  12. These are great tips...I may try a few.

  13. Hi Julie . . . love all the tips in both parts 1 & 2. I haven't blogged in a looooong time and these ideas are a great start. Thanks SO SO MUCH for sharing them! :)