Friday, August 12, 2011

Nothing to Prove

I recently heard the phrase "Nothing to Prove" in a song on a Christian radio station. I can't remember what song it was, but the phrase has been stuck in my head.

I'm a people pleaser. I've been one my entire life. My parents didn't have to impose much discipline on me because I didn't like to disappoint them. I didn't break curfew. I've always been the one who stays out of trouble and works hard.

I've never realized how this little trait has been holding back my relationship with God. Much of what I've done has been about how I can prove to God that I deserve his love. "Look at me, God. I'm (volunteering), (leading a small group), (insert good, but misguided, activity here)."

Someone recently posted this on their Facebook wall: True obedience is a response to God's grace, not an attempt to earn it. - Bryan Chapell

Intellectually, I know that I can't earn God's love. I know that what I can offer isn't enough, but that constant tugging in my chest that I need to do more, to be more, for Him isn't always a response to His grace, it's that little girl inside that doesn't want anyone to see her as a disappointment. That's not the kind of authentic relationship I want with my Savior.

Starting today, I'm striving to live like I have nothing to prove. I only have love and a life to give to the One who gave everything for me.

What about you? Do you strive to prove yourself to God instead of serving and obeying out of love and gratitude?


  1. Beautiful, Julie!
    Sometimes I feel like I don't measure up and God shouldn't be doing such great things for me.

    Granted, that is true. We'll never be "good" enough. I try each morning to let His grace remind me that He loves me, all His goodness is a merciful gift.

    *I was the one breaking all the rules while you were following them! ;)

    Love the post, today.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that we don't have to earn God's love. He gave it to us before we even took our first breath. At times, I do struggle with worries over being accepted. There are moments when I transfer that anxiety to God, wondering how He can accept me when some people cannot. I'm reminded that His ways are not our ways, and His love knows no bounds.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I probably do that, but like you said, intellectually I know I shouldn't. Good post, Julie!

  4. I'm laughing to myself, Julie, because I was the exact same way when I was younger. I was the 'goody-two shoes' and my brother was the rebel!

    It has taken me many years to feel worthy, just because I am me, and not have to prove anything. But old habits die hard!!

    Hope you can keep this up from now on - because you seem pretty wonderful to me! No need to prove anything.


  5. I suspect we are guilty of this at times. Especially when we do something without prayfully considering it first. That's the key for me, take it to the Lord in prayer and pray some more that I hear His answer!

  6. I am always trying to remind myself of this. I have similar thoughts that Jessica P. mentions above - that God shouldn't be doing such great things for me when I'm not living up to his expectations.

    Love that quote!!

  7. So glad I stumbled on your blog. Must say I could have written this post! I'm very familiar with the life of a people pleaser - and have to be reminded often that the Lord will not love me any more or any less for what I do or don't do. Thanks for this wonderful reminder! God bless!

  8. I agree with Maria, I could have written this post, too! So glad Bandi Boddie awarded you the Leibster and helped me find your blog!

    Blessings! <><

  9. Have been in the same space, 'working' on resting in His grace for all things.

    Enjoyed the short visit here.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places..........

  10. Guilty here. I have been one of those good ones--tries hard to please and when things go wrong, I get hurt that God doesn't see my efforts and I think that's what He wants. Learning:)