Monday, April 2, 2012

Things I want my son to know about faith

* God loves you.

* No. I mean, He really, really, really loves you.

* Don't be afraid if someday you have questions or even doubts about Him.

* But whatever you do, keep seeking Him.

* I don't have all the answers. Neither does your dad or your pastor. We can give you guidance, but God always gets the last say on things.

* God will use your specific gifts and talents.

* If He asks you to do something that you don't think you have the right gifts or talents for, do it anyway.

* Read the Bible - even the hard, scary parts.

* Don't pretend you understand it all.

* If you don't know the answer to something, ask God.

* And learn to be okay with the fact that He may not explain it to you right away.

* But don't forget, keep seeking Him.

* Learn how to pray.

* Learn to be silent. Learn to pray using scriptures. Write down your prayers. Pray simple prayers like, "Help," "Thank you," and "I'm sorry."

* Don't compare your relationship with Jesus to another person's relationship with Him.

* Don't try to impress anyone with your relationship with God.

* Love Him with a humble heart.

* Keep seeking Him.

* God really, really, really loves you.

What do you want your children to know about faith?


  1. I love the don't pretend you understand it all. It amazes me how some adults still do that.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Wonderful, wonderful things! I want my kids to know, "Plan to mess up and know God loves you anyway and delights in giving you more chances. You don't have to be perfect, you just need to continue to make progress."

  3. Love this, Julie! I wrote a letter to my son when I found out he was a boy. I plan on giving it to him when he's older and it has a lot of the same stuff here.

  4. This is so good, Julie! I loved the one about being silent...and praying simple prayers.

  5. Love this, Julie. It's never too early for them to learn any of it.

  6. This is wonderful, Julie. I pray my daughter will know these things too.

  7. These are beautiful and important things to teach your son, Julie. My husband and I don't have children yet, but we definitely would want them to know about the love of God and how to pray and keep faith.

  8. Wonderful, wise words to teach your son.

    My kids are older, but I always let them know that ~ God loves you. Trust Him and He will guide your path. Follow His example.

  9. These are so good! Can't think of a thing to add. You're doing a great job living out your faith to your son.

  10. This is exactly why I fell in love with you! Luckiest dude in the world.

  11. What a great list - I can't think of anything to add. I need to print this out and post it on my wall to remind myself.

  12. Beautiful post! I want them to know God is there to help them any time, any where, especially if mom and dad aren't around - cause we won't always be, but He will.

  13. How did you get so wise, so young?

    Beautiful, Julie!