Monday, July 29, 2013

Oklahoma Authors

I feel blessed to live in Oklahoma where we have so many wonderful authors who are willing to support each other and share their wisdom. On Saturday, the Oklahoma City and Tulsa chapters of ACFW joined together to present a panel about inspirational fiction at an Oklahoma City Library.

I'm grateful for the authors who participated, the great readers who attended, and the hard-working individuals who planned it (especially Erin Taylor Young, Lacy Williams, and the staff at the Northwest Library).

If you love Christian fiction, check out the writing of these lovely ladies.

Janet Lee Barton, Margaret Daley, Linda Goodnight, Rene Gutteridge, Regina Jennings, Vickie McDonough, Sharon Srock, Carla Stewart, and Lacy Williams.

Do you attend library or writer events? 


  1. What a fun collection of authors! Mostly I've only attended larger writing conferences and the occasional retreat--not local writer events. But I'd like to start...because it's always nice to make connections with other local authors!

  2. I don't think our library has much in the way of inviting authors to town. Sigh. Perhaps it's because we are small town. I didn't get a chance to go when Beverly Lewis came to a nearby town. I do have a chance to go to our state's ACFW meeting this Saturday, but since my kids just got home, not sure I'll go. :(

  3. It's wonderful when authors share their knowledge with each other...looks like a great event!

  4. Looks like a wonderful event! Glad you could participate.