Monday, August 26, 2013

Pre-conference mix and mingle

Today, I'm participating in Laurie Tomlinson's pre-conference mix and mingle. If you're attending ACFW conference and want to join in on the fun, check it out here.

Name: Julie Jarnagin
Location: Norman, OK
What you write/tagline: Contemporary Romance / Does someone want to come up with a tagline for me? :)
Place in the book world: I have three novels out with Heartsong Presents. I'm currently writing/submitting sweet romance. I don't have an agent. 
On a scale of hugger to 10-foot-pole, please rate your personal space: At conference, I become a hugger.
The unique talking point that will get you going for hours: My family. 
People at home you'll be missing: My husband, Kevin, and my five-year-old son.
Conference goals we can pray for? I'd love for you to pray for me to have plenty of energy, not too much stress, and that I would be open to whatever experiences or opportunities God has in store for me.
Up for any contests/awards? Nope, but I'll be cheering everyone on at the awards banquet.
Any disclosures, disclaimers, or crucial information we must know? Having a blast with other writers is my number one goal for this conference. It's going to be a fun year. 


  1. That's great! So you're a hugger, huh? :)

  2. Oooh! I didn't know you're from Norman. My husband went to OU and loves it there!

    Also, I think you're the first published author I know who doesn't have an agent, so I'm very curious. You must be doing something very right :)

    I will pray for you to have lots of positive energy and fun during the conference!

    1. We love Norman. We also graduated from OU. It's a great town. Can't wait to meet you in Indianapolis!

  3. I'm responding to this a couple days late, Julie, but I loved that you said you become a hugger at conference. My first instinct usually isn't to run up to people and hug them, but I've learned at conference to adapt and become a hugger. Haha!